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New Website Finally Allows Feline Content Creators to Gain Followers, Make Money

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Website Allows Feline Content Creators to Fain Followers, Make MoneySince the dawn of the internet, people have spent countless hours viewing, downloading, and admiring pics and videos of cats. But despite immense consumer demand, most cat content creators don't make any money off their popularity.

Of course, there are exceptions (Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, Sam the cat with Eyebrows), but such examples are few and far between.

Enter OnlyCats, a new website that allows cats to hide their content behind a paywall, accessible only to paid subscribers.

"There's plenty of free cat content on the internet," said Tom Stokley, British Businessman and Founder of other popular websites with similar business models. "But why look at content for free when you could pay for it? That's what people want, to pay for content that could get for free anywhere else."

"No matter what kind of cat you're into, you'll find something that pleases. White cats, black cats, orange cats, multi-colored cats, cats playing with toys, cats playing with other cats, cat solo play, in-bread cats, there are even some dogs if you're into that. All for a fee, of course."

When asked the difference between the free content found after a simple Google search vs. the content on OnlyCats, Stokely said, "The content on my site costs money, that makes it better." When asked to elaborate, "what's the difference between tap water and store-bought bottled water? The bottled water industry is booming. Look, sure, you can easily find free images of big ol' kitties on the web for free, but if you want the good stuff, you'll come to OnlyCats."

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