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I've worked in media most of my professional life, both print and television, and always here in Louisville. I'm an avid consumer of news, be it on my phone or at my desk when my boss wasn't around. Sometimes I read, too. 


It's always been my dream to rub elbows with the big guys; The Onion, Clickhole, Babylon Bee. You know them, the real titans of journalism. I never applied, those guys are sealed up pretty tight, and I don't really want to move to Chicago.


So one day, during a period of soul searching, creative inspiration, and unemployment, I said "Screw it, I'll build my own."

The stock image you see is what it would look like if I had a staff.

Welcome to Louisville X-Press


Not a lot actually, it's just me, solo, so not a ton of bandwidth. And Civilization VI eats up a lot of my time. And there's a toddler in the mix, so there's that.

But occasionally, I'll show you a piece of Louisville you've probably never seen or thought about. I hope to open your eyes to the stories and info on which other media outlets in Louisville don't want to spend time.

Who are they to decide what's newsworthy? You take away their corporate funding, their years of brand equity, their community involvement, their thoroughly vetted network of sources and contacts, their massive budgets, their talented team of researchers and investigative journalists, fancy break room vending machines, and what are they?


Louisville X-Press  

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