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New 'Gender Reveal Party' Trend is Just Giving Birth in Front of Party Guests

We're all aware by now of the gender reveal party concept. It's made its rounds on social media, with the grand reveal being made by way of cake colors, balloon releases, silly string, to egg cracking and bringing joy to the friends and family of the mother-to-be in ever creative ways.

Party attendees witnessing the miracle of life
This is a thing now. We did this to ourselves.

But as with all things that permeate social media, the need to have the most creative and high impact reveal has caused participants to up their game in the competition for likes and shares. Enter the new trend that's made it's way to Louisville that combines the surprise fun of the gender reveal with the shocking trauma of child birth: the "Live Birth Gender Reveal."

"We all thought it was strange that Becca waited so late in her pregnancy to have a gender reveal, and even more weird when we did get an invite, the party was that same day." Said Allison Moore, a recent attendee, "When we got there, she was eating ice chips and Todd (Becca's husband) was just staring at his watch."

Terry Jacobs, another attendee, "When we figured out he was timing contractions we knew something was up. But I have to give it to Becca, even through her screams she waddled around the party handing out boy/girl buttons to people and offering drinks. She was a trooper. I just wish the reveal part hadn't been so...visceral."

The event, which was recorded and posted on social media has received over 200,000 views and shared 50,000 times was a social media hit. Though reactions were mixed, everyone agrees this was a game changer.

"I mean, it was beautiful, getting to enjoy the surprise first hand, but this pretty much sealed the deal on my not having kids," chimed in Allison. "I was Team Girl so I was pumped we called it, but no one was expecting the poop."

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