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Minimalist Wife Confronts Husband About Hoarding Problem

Tensions came to a boiling point in the Goss household when minimalism adherent, Kathy, finally confronted her husband, Steven, about his "uncontrollable" tendency to hold on to magazines and newspapers that he happens to be reading at the time.

"I come out of the kitchen, and there's nowhere on the living room end table for me to put my coffee. I don't know how he can live like this!" Kathy said, fighting back tears. "I certainly can't!"

Kathy recounted an instance where there was a stack of reading material about four to five items thick. In an act of desperation, she discarded them quietly without telling Steven.

"Within just three months, he managed to replace it with a new stack! It's a never ending cycle I just can't escape."

Claiming it's more than just a lifestyle clash, Kathy claims to fear for her safety. "If this stack were to ever fall over, that glossy paper could, maybe, be a slip hazard on the hardwood floor. Not to mention, the fire hazard that magazine paper is known for!"

When confronted about his compulsion to hoard things, Steven reacted with complete denial. "Huh?" is all he was able to respond with when Kathy frantically pointed at the stack of periodicals while sobbing uncontrollably.

In an effort to cool off, Kathy was reportedly going to spend the weekend with her sister, Cheryl. Though Kathy reported that Cheryl's unwieldly collection of about six throw pillows was likely going to be a point of contention between the ardent minimalist and her more "free spirited" sister during the visit.

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