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Louisville Retailers Announce Masks Now Required When Shopping Online

Local residents placing an order on
Local residents placing an order on

Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Amazon are among the major retailers who have announced that red zone areas for Covid cases will now require anyone shopping on any of their respective e-commerce sites to wear masks while browsing the web pages and checking out. Though smaller chains and locally owned stores are likely going to follow suit.

Fully vaccinated individuals may forego wearing a mask if they maintain a safe social distance of 6-feet from their online device while shopping, but is still recommended.

The policy will be enforced by the cameras found on most devices. Using facial recognition technology, if the devices detect an unobstructed face, the webpage will freeze and a pop-up notice will inform shoppers that for the safety of those also shopping online that a mask must be worn. The site will not unfreeze until a mask is placed over the face. If compliance is refused, a member of security will arrive at your home and ask you to leave.

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