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Affordable Daycare Option Finally Arrives in Louisville

Much to the delight of many parents in the Louisville area, a new daycare option has opened up in the south end of Louisville. The Rusty Nail Daycare Center promises to provide much needed relief to working parents in an area with few affordable options, and while it does break various laws and safety codes, it won't break the bank.

The Rusty Nail Daycare Center
The facility includes walls, a roof (in most places) and petting zoo consisting of whatever wild animals wander in from the nearby treeline.

Donna Moses, who started the Rusty Nail with her sister, Kandy, is thrilled to be moving into the community.

"After business dried up in Glasgow, Kandy and I needed to set-up somewhere else in 'tucky, my license ain't good no where else," said Moses pointing at a frame on the wall that still contained the placeholder document that came with the frame. "And Kandy can't go it alone since she didn't finish high school."

The facility, which currently cares for 45 children ranging in age from 6 months to a 5 years, should only house around 20. "I won't let no fire marshal tell me what to do, if he wants to make a fuss someone else can watch his kid," said Donna pointing to one of the children who were playing with what appeared to be a snake.

When asked why all the children appeared to be outside in the unfenced yard, near a busy road, on a hot day, she simply shrugged, nodded at the building while drawing from her cigarette, "Wasps."

We asked Kandy, who's credited with naming the center, how she came up with the moniker. She parked her scooter next us after jabbing a few kids with her cane. "After moving into the place we kept getting stuck by'em. Pokin' through the walls, coming up outta the floor. I stepped on a few before we gave up gettin'em all. So we just named it that."

Editors' Note: Kandy's artificial voice box was after market, we translated as best we could.

We asked a parent, who was dropping off her child, how she was benefiting from the low-cost option. The mother, who opted not to give her name, remarked, "I could have done without the lice, but you get what you pay for I guess."

Despite being clearly over capacity, the Moses sisters say they're still accepting new clients. We asked how hard it was to be accepted into the center, "Why'd we turn down anyone? As long as you got the $15 a week we'll take care o'ya."

Before turning away, Donna did add, "Oh, you do have to have immunization papers. But, I mean, what idiot wouldn't vaccinate their kids?"

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