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Woman Over the Moon When Man Refers to Her as His "Girlfriend" To Police

Local woman, Beatrice Knox, was thrilled to call her friends to announce she officially no longer single after the man she's been on several dates with, Troy, unmistakably referred to her as his girlfriend during a call with police requesting to escort her out of his apartment.

Knox sharing details with her BFF
Knox sharing details with her BFF

"Girl, it was so sweet!" Knox squealed into her phone with her BFF, Cassie, whom she works with at Kohls. "I had just smashed his TV with this cute little knick-knack he keeps on his coffee table because he wouldn't show me his phone...No, it was just his mom, but that's not...all he had to do was show me his phone. Anyway, this was after the TV, but before tossed his favorite work shirts over the balcony. He get's on the phone, and says 'Police? I've asked my'...wait for it...'GIRLFRIEND' to please leave, yada yada yada. So I'm pretty sure we're official now!"

The events of the evening took a more quiet, romantic turn while Knox processed what she had heard and Troy patiently waited for the police to arrive. After being walked to her car by officers, she was even more confident in her new relationship status after Troy refused to press charges.

Troy could not be reached for comment, by us or Knox.

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