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Woman Can't Take Agoraphobic Friend Anywhere

Louisvillian Tracey Wong has all but given up trying to hang out with new friend Laura Gansbauer as every outing ends, or sometimes even begins, with a violent panic attack.

"Look I get, I'm afraid of spiders, but when I see one I don't completely lose my shit. I just, like, don't touch that spider," said Tracey.

The pair met at a house party thrown by Laura's roommate who is a co-worker of Tracey's. "She seemed so cool and down to Earth at Casey's party. She was funny, we had a blast quietly ripping into how weird Casey is. I suggested we hang out sometime but every time we get together she just winds up having a crippling panic attack. The park, A Bats game, Fleur-de-Flea. She always just winds up sobbing as soon as we get there, or shortly after.

Lauren, who works from home as a customer service rep, didn't dispute that she gets upset easily in certain situations. Still, she claims that Tracey is exaggerating. "That time we went to the zoo, I made it all the way past the entrance before throwing up. What more does she want? She seemed so nice at Casey's party..."

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