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Wife of Maximum Security Breaks Her Silence About Derby Controversy

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

In a shocking and heart wrenching interview, Merrigold, the spouse of controversial Derby winner, and ultimately Derby loser, Maximum Security tells all. The interview itself will be published in the Post-Derby Sunday Edition "Hay Now!"

Merrigold, the emotional but supportive spouse of Maximum Security, has been saddled with keeping her husband centered

We'll learn more about the emotional and physical toll the event has had on the famous Thoroughbred, the heavy drinking the deep depression, and the spur of the moment decision not to run in the Preakness Stakes.

While she's been able to keep him reined in, she reports his mental state has been increasingly self destructive, chomping at the bit for booze, bucking the support of friends and family, and becoming unglued at hearing any mention of the Derby.

"Keeping him off Social Media has been the biggest challenge, I tell him reading all those comments will only stirrup trouble," neighed the distraught mare with a long face.

Come back this weekend to read the full interview, you won't want to miss this Louisville X-Press X-clusive.

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