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Through Hard Work, Tenacity, and Drive; Man Successfully Marries Rich

Local Bro, Chad Forsyth, accomplished his life's ambition this past weekend when he successfully closed the deal of holy matrimony with a super-wealthy heiress.

"I didn't have any connections or family influence. I just set a goal and dedicated every waking moment to achieving it. I didn't even sign a prenup, that's when I knew I finally made it."

Chad grew up with humble beginnings on Louisville's East end, going to public school and spending family holidays at Myrtle Beach. "I just knew I was meant to be handed greater things. I love my family, but I don't want to end up like my dad. He works like, 38 hours a week, and drives 2008 Impala."

Despite his success at landing an uber-wealthy spouse at such a young age, Chad doesn't want anyone to think that this path is easy, or for everyone. "I had to sacrifice a lot. So many nights taking out women whose families just didn't quite check all the boxes. Long hours at the gym to get ripped, but not too bulky. Finding the right bars and nightspots where the right kind of potential could be found. It was a lot, and I can't say there weren't times when I almost gave up and settled for a boring but stable relationship."

Chad recounted a story where he almost closed a deal that, in hindsight, would have ruined his chances at long-term success. "I almost proposed to this one potential, Lisa something. Her dad owned a bunch of car dealerships across the state. Seemed perfect." But after a short courtship, the pandemic hit and supply chain shortages hit the automotive industry hard. "He had to sell off a bunch of assets just stay profitable. He only owns, like, four dealerships now. Had I committed, it would have been a disaster. I really dodged a bullet."

He wants people to know to realize that success may require passing up personal opportunities if they get in the way of your end goals. "There was this one, Stacey, not much potential for a long-term investment. Dad was a UPS driver and she was a server going to school for social work. She really got me. We spent a lot of time just talking, spending time with each other, you know, holidays and life events. She made me feel like I better man whenever laid her head on my shoulder. I could show her the deepest parts of myself and never felt judged or afraid. I just felt so vulnerable, but so safe whenever we were together. But in the end, I can't let a fun little hobby get in the way of life long dream, ya know. That's the kind of dedication you need."

Chad, while achieving his goals early in life says he's now onto his next adventure. "I should maybe probably learn the family business. I think it's something with bourbon or horses. I don't really know, but her dad is the boss so I'm pretty much guaranteed any salary I want."

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