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Still Single? New Dating Website Basically Your Last Chance at Love.

Can't find that special connection? Past a certain age? Standards perhaps a little unrealistic?

Perhaps it's time to consider searching through the Bottom of the Barrel!

BOTB Sign in page
Yup, it's time. Just do it.

The new matchmaking site set to launch in the new year is designed to help those who, for various reasons, are just unable to find a quality match. If this sounds like you, it's time.

"Think of it as the clearance rack of dating sites," says BOTB founder Preston Hitler (real name). "It's for those of us who have basically given up any hope for fairy book romance and are just looking for others in a similar mindset."

"I tried the mainstream sites, but most women would just look at my name and immediately move on. They didn't even give me a chance to wow them with my massive collection of Beanie Babies or read my self-published book of limericks."

Other sites tout their algorithms and matchmaking science based on vital data points and other factors of compatibility. BOTB stands out by basically collecting no data whatsoever.

"We've found, with our clientele, that asking questions does more harm than good. We would have made photos optional, but that's the one thing most people need to see, for better or worse," said Hitler (Preston, not the other one).

"We stopped asking some of the usual questions about politics, religion, hobbies, and body type. We basically just want to make sure you're not in prison, they have other sites for that," continued Hit...Preston. "We've found, given the nature of users, the less you know upfront the better. They're lonely, and they have a pulse. Just like you, save your judgement for later."

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