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Recently Vacated Homeless Camps Listed on Airbnb

Updated: May 11, 2019

Derby week puts a lot of pressure on the city to present it’s best facade for the throngs of visitors who come to Louisville to see the Derby experience first hand. This influx of visitors also puts a premium on accommodations. Hotel costs inflate wildly, and many locals take advantage by listing their properties on the popular online lodging marketplace, Airbnb, to earn extra money during the festivities.

human cess pool
Spacious and rustic accomodations

City leaders decided to knock out two birds with one stone. After inviting the prior homeless residents to relocate, the city listed the campsites on Airbnb to maximize utility of the now vacant space.

“After the old tenants moved on to greener pastures at our request, we realized that this space was the perfect location for out of town guests on a budget, so we thought, why not?” said Mayor representative Dennis Warner.

Referencing specifically the location at Jackson and Jefferson streets, “It’s in the heart of the city, right next to all the shops and dining options of Nulu, only a few miles from Churchill downs, it’s perfectly situated.”

When pressed about what amenities the underpass had to offer, “Well there were a few dozen people living here for over year, so there’s plenty of infrastructure already in place. That right there is I guess what you’d call a bed,” referring to a mound of filthy clothes atop a mattress. “There’s plenty of rainwater runoff coming off the overpass for showering, and for maximum convenience the toilet is wherever you want!” Warner reiterated that this was an “economy” option, and really pressed that it was more “amenity adjacent” and the frills were minimal. “If you can afford a room at the Omni, I highly recommend it. For the rest of you, we’ve got you covered.” Warner corrected, “assuming you booked a plot under the overpass.”

Warner also noted the convenient proximity to University of Louisville Hospital as guests will likely need to get themselves checked out at some point during their stay.

While a seemingly tough sell, Warner claims they’ve already booked a few plots. “Louisville is the place to be during Derby and a lot of people are here for that, the Derby. They don’t care about swimming pools or walls. All we care about is that pay for the space, unlike the previous residents, and that they look like, you know, tourists. No one gets grossed out by the site of tourists.”

Proceeds from the bookings will be used to fund Derby festivities for the mayor’s personal Derby guests next year, taking some of that strain off taxpayers.

“Everyone wins!”

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