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Productivity Sky Rockets October 4th For Seemingly No Reason

In a day of miraculous, almost divine, change the world seems to have woken up from a deep trance and sleeping giant that is the global work force began to show what it was made of.

It's a mystery with no known cause, but starting around 11:00 am today, global productivity began to sky rocket to levels hitherto unknown and not thought possible.

Offices, warehouses, construction site, even domestic chores like laundry, mopping, and yard work were accomplished at extraordinary levels.

Global supply chains have opened up, factories reopened, the service industry labor shortage disappeared. Clients are happy, managers are happy, meetings are producing tangible results.

If this keeps up, a new unprecedented global Golden Age may be upon us. The staff here at Louisville X-Press can only wonder what was ever holding humanity back from such a feat.

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