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Parents Everywhere Prepare for... the Short Night

Daylight savings begins tonight. The dreaded night where we all spring forward to a week of maladjusted sleep schedules and whiny little shits who aren't tired at bedtime and won't... get... up... in the morning.

The darkness before the dawn.

Some of you are saying, "But Louisville X-Press, I'm not a parent and losing an hour sucks for me too!" And to you I say, "Grow up. You only have to get yourself out of bed. Try getting yourself and 1-4 little angry crotch goblins to get up, get dressed, eat, brush teeth get shoes on and get in the DAMN CAR!! This is difficult under normal circumstances, adding sleep deprivation to all parties a war crime." So this is it, Louisville parents. Hell Week. No more quiet bedtimes and no more smooth swift mornings (like those were ever a thing) and prepare for fights, screams, whines, and defiance.

Sorry this isn't funnier. Some things are hard to make light of. Come back soon for more war jokes.

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