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Out-of-Towner Thinks KFC Some Kind of Local Delicacy

A conversation to decide where to eat took an uncomfortable turn when out-of-town visitor, Greg Fortney, suggested KFC, as he believed it "must be really good here."

Doug Hart, at a loss for words

The cringe worthy exchange between the visiting Boston native and his Louisville-based business associate, Doug Hart, left Hart speechless.

"Travel + Leisure and Southern Living both ranked Louisville the 10th best city for food, and Greg wants to visit a KFC. He actually used the words 'visit a KFC' like it's some kind of goddamn land mark."

Hart had a hard time formulating a polite response to the suggestion, offering more local fare that wasn't a franchise or chain.

"I tried suggesting some Louisville hot spots, Mussel & Burger Bar, Proof on Main, Jeff Ruby's, then the guy looked me in the eye and said 'you mean Ruby Tuesdays?' No Greg, not Ruby Fuckin' Tuesdays!" Hart said, replaying the events in his head.

The conversation took an even more awkward turn after Greg kept steering the conversation back to KFC. "I told him if he really wanted chicken we could try Joella's or Royals. I thought I had won him over, then he said 'well any chicken place has to be good, I mean this is where KFC has it's HQ, right?'"

Hart had to compose himself, "Does this guy think ALL chicken comes from Louisville, Kentucky? Does he think it's like ordering seafood on the coast? Does he not know KFC chickens are basically manufactured?"

Hart pleaded with Fortney to try a place a unique to Louisville, but ultimately compromised on Raising Canes, leaving both men disappointed. "I just couldn't take him to KFC, on principle. Call me an asshole, but I just couldn't do it."

Fortney who was dropped off at the airport the next day managed to obtain a 3-Piece Chicken Big Box Meal from SDF's KFC franchise.

"Has Doug never had this? This is amazing!"

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