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Office Worker Treats Finding Old Excel File Like Herculean Labor

Marketing analyst David Hargreaves was on the verge of a breakdown when asked to find an old excel file containing reporting data formerly updated by an employee that left the company two months ago.

"Impossible!" David lamented, "Brian probably stored that on the old F drive, we stopped using that last month. It could be anywhere!" Hargreaves was referencing a shared server that has a total of ten folders, with no file being more than three or four mouse clicks deep.

David, who had been sitting at his desk in his ergonomic office chair, looking at his computer screen and clicking his mouse for three hours of the day at that point, was informed that he was would have to pause his work to engage in this new, nigh impossible, task of continuing to sit in his ergonomic office chair, looking at his computer screen and clicking his mouse in an area of his company's digital storage that isn't used to having to access.

"I'll see what I can do, but I hope Eric doesn't need that file right away. I'm going to have to do some serious digging in the old drive to find what he's looking for. We all know Brian wasn't the most organized, who knows where he left it or if it's even labeled clearly.

Approximately 2 minutes into his search, David needed to refresh his coffee and grab a bagel from the office breakroom before he continue his quest of retrieving the old file which was located in the third folder from the top of the list that was clearly labeled "Marketing Reports."

"I can't let this eat up too much of my day, I know it's important but I need to wrap up that PowerPoint deck for the sales team and some of the account managers are still waiting on their project updates.

After three and a half minutes, David found the file. "Eff yeah, I'm good!!" David, defying all odds, managed to find the missing file and the treasures it contained. He triumphantly attached the file to an email and sent it off to Eric, who himself found the file 20 minutes ago attached to an old email sent by the former employee before he left.

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