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95% of Mother’s Day Gifts Purchased This Morning

Louisville retailers have reported immense foot traffic and peak revenue on this rainy Sunday morning. While the business is welcome, it’s not at all unexpected.

Men shopping for cards
Every year.

“Shit , shit, shit…” mumbled a tired and visibly distraught shopper at an area Target as he scanned the greeting cards. “Do you guys sell wine?” yelled a different shopper to the opening manager who had unlocked the doors only seconds earlier.

Parking lots were packed with cars, engines still running, full of mostly male shoppers who were writing rushed, if not heartfelt, messages onto cards while hunched over their center consoles.

Some vehicles had children in the back seat, most oblivious to the situation but all being tossed a card and told to sign it. “Daddy will fill in the rest, just write your name like we practiced. We’re in a hurry, honey.”

An area Kroger manager watched the chaos unfold in the floral department, as the refrigerated display shelves were rapidly emptied. “It’s messy, but predictable. We just need to keep the mylar balloons stocked and the expensive greeting cards close to registers. The rest is in God’s hands.”

While this morning every year usually sees the same scene play out, some retailers have noted the crowds aren’t as thick as they were in years past. “It’s getting more common place that people just throw up some old childhood photo on social media with some generic ‘always been my rock’ message, and that’s just becoming the norm,” says a Bath & Body Works manager. “I’d blame the men, but the mom’s let’em get away with it. Sign of the times I guess.”

A relaxed shopper, coffee cup in hand, was asked what big plans he had made for Mother’s Day, he had this to say: “Not really sure, but I’ve got a week to figure it out.”

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