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Meal Prep Service Saves Time, Delivers Straight to Your Trash Can

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Time and labor saving meal prep companies have been an ever growing fad in the last few years. These services help people save time and watch their waistlines by providing healthy, delicious pre-made meals right to your doorstep.

With the influx of similar businesses flooding the market as of late, consumers are having more difficulty wading through the sea of providers finding one that’s best for them. Recently opened meal prep company, Organic Perishables, has Louisville residents excited with their unique value proposition.

Straight into the trash, no fuss no muss
Straight into the trash, no fuss no muss

“A lot of what we’re about it right there in the name, what do you think when you hear ‘Organic Perishables’?” Asked founder Tyler Kelly, “Wilted greens? Browning veggies? Questionable meat? All of that is right! At OP, we help you save even more time by delivering our meals straight to your garbage!”

Kelly explains that the biggest disadvantage people see when utilizing a meal prep service is that they still have to take the time to clear room in their fridge and do dishes afterwards. “Not with OP, we deliver healthy, prepped meals - that are always at the very end of their very short shelf life - straight into your trash can, saving you the time of having to sniff it, poke at it, and ask your spouse if they think it’s still good. It’s not. It never is. That’s the Organic Perishables difference.”

“Also, with OP. Customers still receive all the ancillary benefits of using a meal prep service. Namely being able to tell all their friends and family that they use one, and how wonderful it. And because your trash cans will always be stocked full of clearly labeled OP containers, house guests won’t be able to dispute that you’re definitely one of ‘those people’. And isn’t that what this is all about? We just go the extra mile and cut out all those in-between steps, leaving you time to do things that are really important.”

Organic Perishables may not be a hit with everyone, namely those who take pride in instagramming photos of their meals to show the world they can’t be bothered with grocery shopping, or like to portray the meals as homemade despite the fact that most millenial’s can’t identify the ingredients let alone prepare them.

Kelly reiterates that his meals aren’t for everyone, “Our food isn’t really intended to ever be removed from the containers, so influencers might not get the visual flair they expect from most meal services.” As a workaround, you can always take closeup photos of the delicious looking images but on the sides of the packages, but Kelly acknowledges this is a part of business that still needs some work.

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