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Man Spots Jennifer Lawrence in Louisville Grocery Store, But the The Hero Decides to Stick With Wife

While shopping at Kroger, local man Clarence Moore spotted his long time celebrity crush. "She was over in produce, lookin' at squash. I couldn't believe it, this is the chance encounter I've been dreaming about since Hunger Games."

Clarence watched through the floral display in what felt like an eternity, trying to decide what to say before he and Jennifer launched their much fantasized about romance that would take Clarence to the height of fame and luxury living.

It was then Clarence thought about his wife, with whom he has made a humble but happy life with for the past 2 years. "I just started thinking about Cathy. She's the not the looker Jennifer is...but she doesn't care about my felony convictions, and she almost never calls the cops when I been drinking. Could it be I've found what I'm lookin for already?" Clarence also noted that if he left with Jennifer to Hollywood now, Cathy would be on the hook for that bail money, and he just couldn't do that to her.

"I figured that maybe Jenn was better off without me, and maybe I already had what I needed with Cathy. It was a hard decision, but I think Jenn would've understood."

Tracy Gevins, the young women who Clarence mistook for Lawrence wasn't willing to speak with us.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is currently in Beverly Hills, California with her art gallerist husband and newborn child couldn't be reached for comment.

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