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Louisville Zoo Tragedy! Adult Male Gorilla Cruelly Reveals to Baby Kindi She's Adopted

It is a dark, sad day at the Louisville Zoo's Gorilla Forest exhibit. Bengati, an adult male silverback and huge prick, in an act of pure spite and malice, told baby Kindi that Kweli is not her mother, and that she's actually adopted.

This asshole, right here. Real proud of yourself, making kids cry? You make us sick. You deserve to eat salad.

While the information is true, zoo officials were waiting until Kindi was older and more emotionally equipped to process this information. As a result of this traumatic news, Kindi has been described as "inconsolable" and refuses to play or interact with her surrogate mother, Kweli, whom Kindi signaled a liar.

Zoo officials claim that Bengati has always been a little rough around the edges when dealing with the other gorillas, blamed on his upbringing in the rough Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo. Jealousy is believed to be the main instigator of the incident, as most visitors to the exhibit are fixated on the young Kindi, who's youthful antics and tragic back story make her a popular attraction at the zoo.

"Bengati got real heated at Jelani for getting all that YouTube attention back when for looking at cellphones, but Bengati couldn't really do much to Jelani, gorilla politics and all. But poor Kindi, well, she's an easy target," said Bob Phelps, a keeper at the zoo. "He did it in front of a field trip group too, it was a mess."

While Kindi is expected to make a full recovery, Kweli, the adopted mother of the orphaned Kindi, has been beside herself. Already having a hard time as a single mother in an enclosure full of males, she now must deal with the fallout of this disaster as best she can.

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