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Local Woman Will Someday Be Subject of Her Favorite Podcast

Local true crime podcast enthusiast, Lisa Barker spends most of her work day with earbuds in indulging in her favorite time waster.

Lisa Barker, in last photo ever taken.
Lisa Barker, in last photo she'll ever take

Little does she know that she's been selected by a special somebody laying in wait and will, within the year, wind up the subject of an episode of her very favorite podcast: Never Forgotten, Always Dismembered.

Lisa, seen here in the photo that will ultimately be used by her family when asking the public for help, would be giddy if she knew that not only will her life, which she always found boring and uneventful, be scrutinized and dissected in great detail by not only her favorite podcasters, but also by her fellow subject whom she's never met but has driven by her house, workplace, and favorite coffee shop everyday for 3 weeks.

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