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Local Bands Eager to Get Back to Playing Empty Rooms

Updated: May 22, 2020

With easing restrictions, many venues are are allowed to open back up at 33% capacity, many times more than what many local bands are hoping to see.

"It's great to be back!" shouted Howl Movement front man, Chip Motts, to a bartender, a busboy, and a three patrons, only two of whom looked up from their phones.

"It's been almost three months, I just need to be on stage again, feel the energy of the crowd," said Grave Statements bassist Charlie D., referring to the main room of dive bar containing his only his girlfriend, and the drummers' mom.

Upon seeing a group of five customers enter and start ordering at the bar, members of the Frothy Moths, who were still setting up their equipment perked up at what would be a record crowd for them. That enthusiasm dimmed when the customers took their drinks outside to the patio, but were still hurrying to be ready to play by time that one guy who went into the bathroom will have to walk back through the room to go back outside.

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