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King’s Landing Property Value Predicted To Drop Sharply Amid Street Violence, Dragon Attacks

The once highly desirable neighborhoods situated throughout the Westerosi capital of Kings Landing have seen better days. The political unrest of recent years has begun to take a toll on the coastal city, whose cobblestone streets are home to approximately 500,000 people, who while used to hearing about violence and bloodshed in other parts of the country are starting to feel the effects first hand.

A recent breaching of the gates by northern and Essos immigrant gangs, coupled with a crippling dragon attack has left much of the citizenry feeling like the city just isn’t theirs anymore. The resulting drop in King’s Landing Real estate value will have a ripple effect across all facets of the local economy, from street begger to lord alike.

A Fleabottom resident, Alistar Clay, stood over the ashes of what once was his apartment. “I’ll be lucky to get 50 coppers for this heap. Fleabottom was always on the low end, but this is rubbish.” As he kicked dirt on few remaining flames on what was once his porch.

“We felt pangs here and there before. I used to have a flat right next to the Great Sept of Baelor, but we all know what that’s worth now. And that was before the dragon.” said Grandon Coldren a brothel owner.”All I have now is my place on Visenya's Hill, but most of the businesses in that area were pillaged by marauding northmen, without the commerce in the area it’s going to go downhill fast.”

“Marauding northmen, geez, what’s happening to this place?” chimed in a passerby who was clutching a stomach wound.

Denzin Pyne, of the forge district had a different take, “I usually sleep in alleys, so don’t know much about property value or whatnot, but I used to be able to go about my business and not get stabbed. Now we have Dothraki moving in, acting like this place is theirs. Damned immigrants.”

Even areas that avoided most of the dragon fire and subsequent wildfire ignitions are feeling the sting.

“I used to have this beautiful view of the Red Keep, would really show it off when entertaining investors from Braavos. But between the Red Keep being what it is now, and all the Astapori Valyrian being spoken in the neighborhood lately. No will want to come here,” said Lord Edgarth Bailer.

“By the Old Gods and the New, learn the language or get out!” yelled Bailer to a passing patrol of Unsullied soldiers. He was immediately impaled.

Those who can afford it will likely relocate to Highgarden. Those who can’t will just have to pick the pieces. Literally.

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