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Hungover Yoga Teacher Puts on a Movie For Class

In what students are calling a startling development, a local yoga teacher decided to lead class by having them watch a yoga instructional video while nursing an obvious hangover.

Yoga class making the best of it
Yoga class making the best of it

Witnesses report that Laura Masterson, a new instructor at Highlands yoga studio, Bend & Snap, stumbled into class five minutes late for her 9:00 AM Saturday class wearing stained sweatpants and an oversized flannel shirt. She tripped on her mat, twice, and never took off her sunglasses.

"She kept taking sips from her coffee. She reeked of alcohol, but I'm not sure if it was from her cup or her clothes" said Katie Jeffries, a newer student.

"I'm not sure the others heard it, but I swear, while she was tossing her stuff in her locker I could hear her muttering 'You can do this, Laura' under her breath," said Becky Goss, another student and class regular. "Once or twice, she even sobbed."

"I mean, I guess she gets points for trying, she had us go into Cat Pose, then Child's Pose" continued Goss. "Though she did dry heave once during Child's Pose."

"It was weird when she had us do Corpse Pose and then stayed like that for like five minutes. And..." Jeffries paused and looked down, "then started snoring."

Per other accounts, Masterson jolted her self awake and announced there was "a new plan." She propped up the reception desk computer monitor and scoured Youtube for several minutes, settling on Yoga for Beginners.

"I'm trying to go easy on her, we've all been there, but Yoga for Beginners was kind of insulting. We pay $15 a session to come here... this is an advanced class."

Masterson reportedly spent the rest of class sitting in the office, staring at a blank spreadsheet, nodding off, and hanging up the phone immediately every time it rang.

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