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Horded Corgis Discovered by Family in Recently Deceased Grandmothers Residence

A family, who wished to remain anonymous, was undertaking the unpleasant task of cleaning out the home of the recently deceased matriarch and was shocked to find the residence overrun with corgis.

"It's a good thing we came when we did, she's been gone less than a week. Had we put this off we'd have had a very different problem..." reported the eldest son, 'Chuck', who planned on moving in after settling in with his new job.

"The smell was... well, it's a good thing the house is staying in the family because we'd never be able to sell this place," said the recently deceased's only daughter, speaking through a handkerchief to mask the smell of dog excrement. "Looks they only turned on and ate a couple, at least there's that. We had no know idea all these were here."

While the children knew their mother fancied corgis and owned some, they were under the impression it was a manageable number, three or four tops. Not the several dozen that came charging down the hallway in an adorable stampede when they first entered. "I guess I never looked that closely at them. Mum always had one or two with her, maybe it was always the same pair or maybe she cycled through them. I just didn't pay that much attention."

"You know, it makes sense now because she never called them the same name, I always assumed she just had a ton of nicknames for them but I guess it was a different damn dog every outing," noted the youngest son. "We're going to have to tear up this carpet. Who knows what shape the bed is in."

The children did acknowledge that while the number of corgis on the property was extreme, their mother still must have exercised some restraint on acquiring more. "Mum was well off financially, she could have easily afforded more than this. The house is big enough, I guess we should just be thankful it was only this couple dozen." The children had, at that time, not yet discovered the fluffy masses in the cellar.

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