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Hometown Hero: Man Gives Away Washing Machine To Anyone With a Truck

Updated: May 17, 2019

A Louisville man, in an extreme act of benevolence and generosity, is giving away a washing machine to anyone who may have need.

washing machine
that's right, free!

The modern day Robin Hood posted his intentions on Facebook’s Marketplace and Craigslist, offering up the common household appliance to anyone who has the means to transport it.

“You gotta come get it, but it’s free to whoever wants it.” explained the hero in his posting.

The humble citizen, who despite listing his phone number and home address clearly on the postings, chooses to remain anonymous.

Louisville X-Press reached out to him to learn more about his story, but declined speaking with us upon learning we weren’t interested in taking the machine.

He did have this to say before hanging up, “The seal is busted, needs a drain hose, it gets unbalanced real easy so don't overload it. I jerry-rigged the lid switch but it'll prolly' come undone. And there’s the smell, but I haven’t been able to figure that one out. Anyway, it’d be outback, just bring a truck.”


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