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Feeders Supply's Dog Training Classes Expanding Curriculum to Include Finance, Accounting Courses

Louisvillian dog and puppy owners have been relying on local pet supply company, Feeders Supply's Happy Tails Dog Training Classes, to get their pets trained for domestic life. To expand that tradition, Feeders Supply has announced that Happy Tails will be expanding its' curriculum to include higher education level courses to prepare pooches to help their forever families in more practical ways: financial planning and accounting courses.

Happy Tails accounting major, Marbles, reviewing his Excel practice sheets before submitting via Blackboard

"All of our doggie parents are happy with the progress they're fur babies make after they graduate from our level 3 classes for both Puppies and Adults. But we started getting asked more and more 'what's next? Like, now what?'" said Dean of Pooches, Abbi Clark.

"We realized there's a demand for higher education for pets. People don't want to see their dogs just sitting on the couch all day chewing on toys, they want them to make something of themselves and be productive members of society. We all want our dogs to have a better life than our parents' dogs, and a solid education is the best way to achieve that."

Initially courses will be limited to financial disciplines, Clark says plans are to expand into marketing and business administration programs in 2021, assuming that the finance and accounting programs see decent enrollment numbers.

When asked if they'd consider any liberal arts or STEM courses, Clark confirmed they'd consider STEM programs if demand called for it, but laughed off the idea of a liberal arts program. "The idea is to make them productive members of society," she noted.

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