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Fact Check: Mother's Day Card Written by Gov. Bevin Contains Multiple False Statements

A copy of the Mother's Day card written by Governor Matt Bevin was recently obtained by Louisville X-Press and thoroughly reviewed by our in-house fact checkers who discovered multiple fabrications.

Fact Check!
No he didn't!

A copy of the Hallmark branded Mother's Day greeting card, delivered to Louise Bevin, was obtained by sources close to the Bevin family who wish to remain anonymous.

The statements taking the most fire, "Worlds Greatest Mom" and "Best Mom Anyone Could Have" were not backed up with any citation, no peer review, and no credible authority could back the accuracy of these statements.

Many who read this feel strongly that their own mothers were being ignored by the administration and took issue with the governors baseless and, frankly, offensive assertions.

Other mentions, such as referring to Ms. Louise Bevin as "my rock", will undoubtedly have a negative ripple effect in the Bevin household as it was long thought that the First Lady, Glenna Bevin, maintained this position. This inconsistency will no doubt sow chaos within the administration for weeks to come.

"These kinds of fire-from-the-hip statements are reckless and only serve to harm commonwealth. Kentucky deserves better," said Democratic gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen, firing up his base in advance of the Primaries.

While some leeway for embellishments are afforded, the inclusion of "the kids send their love" and "we missed you last Sunday" could also not be verified.

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