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Discount Hospital to Offer Value Pricing

McLouisville Medical "Slice and Go" Menu
New bundled pricing won't cost an arm and a leg, unless you opt for the two-limb amputation.

Citing a need for more consumer-friendly marketing, discount hospital McLouisville Medical is moving towards a value pricing system to keep pace with the competition. “It just got too confusing,” admitted hospital administrator Dr. Anthony Smith. “Customers never knew how much their stay or a particular procedure was going to cost them. They’d come in for an appendectomy and wonder why they were paying $12 for an aspirin. Now with our customer-friendly $999 menu, patients can just pay for and get what they want.

The new pricing has been a huge hit with McLouisville Medical customers. Brian Smith came in for kidney dialysis but ended up adding a gastric bypass and two-limb amputation. “The deal was too good to pass up. I mean I saved $200 bucks as opposed to getting all that done a la carte.” Doctors seem to favor the new pricing also. Surgeon Deepak Patel explained, “When I’m in there doing a heart bypass, it’s no big deal to go ahead and staple up their stomachs. I’m happy to do it, really.”

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