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Die Hard Avengers Fan Sitting in Theater Since Opening Night Waiting For End Credits Scene

Self described MCU fanatic, Blake Reynolds, bought a midnight premier ticket to Avengers: Endgame and refuses to leave the theater until he sees the traditional end credits scene we've come to expect from Marvel films.

Reynolds, dozing between trailers
Reynolds, dozing off between trailers

"Twenty one previous movies, always an end credits scene, always! No way they stop now." said the scruffy Reynolds, who hasn't bathed and lived off of floor popcorn for nearly a month. "It's just a battle of wills, trying to weed out the true fans from the simple movie goers."

Reynolds has sat in the same chair, through many subsequent viewings of the film. Each ending in disappointment, but his resolve is unwavering. "I mean really, this is brilliant marketing, keeping fans hanging for...what's it been, three or four weeks? How better to keep this film and the MCU as a whole top of mind, by dragging things out." said Reynolds, who has since lost his job, his girlfriend, and the respect of his friends and family.

"Every time the movie ends, everyone gets up and just leaves! I mean, haven't they been paying attention? There's always something at the very end, I don't know why they don't get it..." sobbed the exhausted Reynolds.

The interview was cut short when the cleaning crew came in to close out the theater for the night. but Reynolds never took his eyes off the screen.

"I hope it's some kind of tease for the next Spider-Man."

In an attempt not to influence the story, Louisville X-Press declined revealing to Reynolds a full blown post-Endgame trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home was released weeks ago.

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