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Apple Store Manager Tired of Replacing Employees With New Models Every 6 Months

Louisville area Apple Store Market Leader, Phillip Diaz, expressed frustration this afternoon upon learning that the iPhone 11 is rumored to launch on September 20th. The news means, that his current roster of employees, ranging from Specialists, Geniuses, Managers, and Store Leaders, will soon be rendered obsolete and need replacement.

Phillip, learning his crew is now old new after having just gotten used to them

"I'm all for us being on the cutting edge, I mean, in this industry, I get it. It's just hard to keep up. Once I get used to the crew I've got, corporate announces a new model and we have to start all over. It's exhausting."

"It's probably not fair to call them 'obsolete', they could technically still get the job done for another six to twelve months, but I have to keep up appearances. If I don't have the hottest, most current employees, I might as well be at RadioShack."

As exhausting as it is, Diaz notes that this is pretty routine, and he's found ways to streamline the process. "I've learned not to bother remembering names, another six months and I'll be re-posting all their jobs again anyway."

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