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All Woman's Life Events Marked With Car Selfie

From the life-changing to the mundane, all of the area woman's life events are always paired with a solo, un-themed, geographically ambiguous selfie taken in her car.


Were they taken at the time of the milestone? Who knows.

Is her attire and demeanor on theme? Not usually.

Does she include other participants in the event? Never.

Does she receive an obscene amount of likes from her male followers? Every. Time.

"I take a selfie for every occasion, even if I'm not sure what it is," says the local woman. "I like to keep a visual history of all of life's important moments."

To her credit, when shown random selfies from her feed with no context, she successfully identified every event. "Let's see, this one is from Summer vacay of 2016 when I tried raw oysters for the first time... This one is when I get my oil changed last fall. This one was taken right after I got rear-ended on Shelbyville road, that's why my lips are so pouty."

The men in her life are not as on top of it. Her father, boyfriend, and son couldn't correctly identify the occasion marked by a single selfie. "That one might be her appendectomy, or it could be her birthday," said the woman's father.

"That one might be when we visited Destin, but it's hard to tell since the interior of the car is the only thing in the background," said her son. "Sometimes you can get clues from the reflection in her sunglasses, but usually all you can see is her phone or the dashboard."

The woman marked the end of this interview by taking a selfie in her car, she asked her family to exit the vehicle when they kept appearing in the background.

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